Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Improvement. Life Improvement

Green Architecture is no longer relegated to the sidelines. Now, with the support of government through incentives and mandates for green building, the ability to fuse sustainability and the built environment has become a viable option. Building green and retrofitting projects to become green does not just help preserve the environment. The well being of humans is fundamentally tied to the health of the ecological systems that produce our food, water, and fresh air. For too long, people, who on average spend 90% of their time indoors, have dealt with poor indoor ambient air quality from chemically laden paints and carpets. We literally flush our extremely limited supply of fresh water down the toilet while making surfaces impermeable preventing ground water recharge. 

Not only does building green make us healthier and help retain our limited supply of resources, it reduces monthly utility charges for the occupants by making processes and products more efficient. This type of structure democratizes the built environment. Healthy people and environments, along with financial security, can become the standard instead of the exception. Visit Flex Your Power to search for incentives and rebates in your area and check out Energy Star for tips on sustainable home improvement, building new homes, and exploring other energy efficient products and practices.


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