Friday, June 29, 2012

Got Bricks? What About 2 Million?

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One of the most exciting parts of our jobs is hearing about ReUse all over the country.  Recently, we were contacted by Bud Sullivan from Kansas who has taken the initiative to keep two million, yes, two million paver bricks out of the landfills for ReUse!  Two million paver bricks make up about 16 million pounds and 8,000 tons!  The fact that Bud has taken on the task of moving these pavers back into ReUse is fantastic and commendable! 

Our friends over at PlanetReuse have the paver bricks listed on their website and they are also working to keep the bricks from the landfill.  Along with the paver bricks, PlanetReuse has several items that are available through their ‘Reclaimed Material’ listings.  If you get a chance to check them out and are still looking for other reclaimed materials, definitely check out our other friends at Diggerslist!  Diggerslist is another great place where you can find all sorts of items that will stay out of our landfills and be ReUsed!

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Frustrations of a Deconstruction Die-Hard

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I just came across this article about a 4.2 million dollar home in Marin County being demolished and while I have no problem with them removing the home, it's extremely frustrating to me the manner in which it's been done.  With a little planning and a little more time, someone could have benefitted from those materials.

We have been working with homeowners in California since 2007 to carefully dismantle their existing structures and salvage materials that have been given a second life, in their current condition, through various non-profits.  Typically, we are able to repurpose more than 75% of the materials.

If you are considering a remodel or rebuild, please think about contacting us to find out how much can be salvaged and the options available to you.  It may not cost as much time or money as you might think, in fact it may turn out to be a valuable investment of both.

A school room in Baja constructed of salvaged lumber.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

ReSpace Design Competition!

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There are still a few more days to register for The ReSpace Design Competition! Our friends from the Habitat for Humanity of Wake County ReStore, along with the American Institute of Architects Triangle Section and the Raleigh Chapter of Architecture for Humanity, conceived of the competition as a creative way to raise awareness of reuse materials while showcasing creative and successful small space designs inspired by their use.

To enter, participants must register online by 6/15 and then submit a design for a small, unique and transportable structure with reuse materials at the core, from concept to construction by 8/15. The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and have the opportunity to see their design come to life! The winning design will be constructed in a 48 hour build overseen by Habitat for Humanity Wake County using materials from their Raleigh ReStore. A grand total of $3,000 in awards will be presented to multiple winners and the final ReSpace structure will be sold and all proceeds will help Habitat for Humanity of Wake County to build more affordable homes for hardworking, low-income families and individuals.

Register online, before June 15, to support design, reuse and affordable housing in a fun and creative way!

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