Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Greening Your Blues

Submitted by Shannon Avison (DRN Intern)

Blue Jeans.  Virtually everyone owns a pair.  They come in all different lengths, sizes, and styles, and are worn day in and day out by people all over the world.  Many people have multiple pairs in their drawers at home.  Over the years, the jeans we own wear down, and go in or out of popularity with changing fashions.  But sadly, when our old denim is worn out and full of holes or simply buried at the back of our closets, it usually results in taking up space in landfills.  
Well, instead of allowing this post-industrial denim, a mass-manufactured resource, to be degrading to our environment, Bonded Logic, an Arizona based company, has developed an eco-friendly and profitable solution through creating its UltraTouch product.  This natural cotton-based fiber insulation has been developed using 85% recycled and post-industrial denim and is free from the potentially harmful effects that other types of insulation such as fiberglass can pose.  In further contrast to traditional types of insulation, the manufacturing process of UltraTouch requires minimal energy, which benefits the environment by conserving energy and reducing pollution.  Best of all, aside from the environmental and health benefits, the product itself provides quality insulation which meets or exceeds normal standards for insulation in commercial and residential buildings, is fire retardant, filters noise traffic, and impeded mold and fungus growth and resists pests.
So, green up those blues and consider UltraTouch when looking to replace old or install new insulation or even consider giving new life to your jeans through donating them.  To find out more about UltraTouch products or information about donating and recycling your old jeans and other denim products, visit the Bonded Logic website.

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