Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet DRN's Furry Friends

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One thing we love at Deconstruction & ReUse Network is our furry family!  Here are some of DRN's furry friends that bring lots of love and smiles to our faces.

Buji Schilling, The Decon Dog:  Buji's favorite thing to do is help out Lorenz with work and sometimes Buji even gets to drive!


Forrest Wise: Forrest is 15, but that doesn't stop him from believing he is 10 years younger.  Forrest loves to run around the house and play with his best friend, Emily.


Emily Wise-Schilling:  Emily loves to be on the go and enjoys long walks and car rides.  When she is home playing with Forrest, Emily likes to run all over the house and you better not get in her way!  Emily hopes to one day go with her Dad to work, like Buji.


Sascha McCullough: Sascha loves to play ball with her Dad and even go wine tasting!  She loves everyone she meets and makes sure to greet them with her adorable charm!


Calli Faller: Calli is a beautiful rescue that is part cocker spaniel part lab.  Calli loves relaxing on the couch with her big bone she got for Christmas and playing on her own private golf course in the backyard!


Penelope Brown: Penelope is a fun little dog that loves hanging out with her Mommy.  Penelope's favorite thing to do is take long walks in nature!


Momo Tai: Momo is a beautiful kitty that loves to sleep in the sun and relax.  Momo also likes to catch mice that come out during deconstruction!


Diego Moore: Diego is a small pomeranian that loves going on adventures with Mommy and brother, Tiki!


Tiki Moore: Tiki is Diego's brother and his favorite thing to do is play with squeaky toys!  Anything that squeaks will get Tiki's attention!


Chloe Czapla: Chloe is a feisty pup that loves to run and chase birds.  Her most favorite toy is her stuffed hedgehog (and she owns 6 of them)!


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