Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call to Action in Detroit: Please Choose Deconstruction Over Demolition!

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Today, an article came out via MLive that has caught our attention at DRN. The article discusses how Detroit’s Mayor, Dave Bing, is planning to demolish 10,000 homes in the city. Yes, TEN THOUSAND homes! That is almost unheard of and demolition is not the way to go. The good news presented in the article is the fact that “a group of local architects, planners, engineers, government representatives, construction companies, and community development groups” will be meeting on Friday to explore the option of deconstruction. The symposium has been named “Detroit Re-Nailed” and will take place at the Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI.

The event will bring to light the option of deconstruction and all the reasons the homes should NOT be simply demolished. With that many homes slated to be torn down, there is no question that there are so many materials that could be ReUsed and kept out of our landfills. Beyond that, deconstruction would create jobs that would make a positive impact on the city.

If you are in the Dearborn area and would like to attend the event, click here for more information.

And perhaps Mayor Bing should watch our Legos video again (and again!)

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