Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Green Gift Guide

Posted by Lyndsy Czapla

Usually every year I am way ahead of schedule with my Holiday gifts.  This year, however, I have been pretty far behind and still have to head out this weekend into the trenches a.k.a the stores to get some more shopping done!  One thing that I look for every year is gifts that are eco-conscious and are friendlier to our planet.  Below is a list of some last minute green gifts that I think are pretty neat and are still available to get before Dec. 25th!  All are under $20!

Vapur Anti-Bottle (Reusable Water Bottle) …. Sold at Macy’s, Target, and Online Retailers
Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Itsy Bitsy Pouch (Made from Candy Wrappers!) …. Sold at and Online Retailers
Any Reusable Bag!  What I like to do is put gifts into reusable shopping bags rather than paper gift bags!  It is so easy and most reusable bags cost the same as paper gift bags!  Plus, you can find reusable bags just about anywhere!
Luigi Bormioli Recycled Green Glass 3-Section Serving Tray… Sold at
Recycled lp coasters…Sold at
Tree-Free Jewelry Box with Piping…Sold at Cost Plus World Market in-store and online

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