Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preserving Cleveland’s History through Deconstruction

Posted by Lyndsy Czapla

Deconstruction is the name of the game for us here at DRN. One thing that is really neat about the deconstruction process is seeing what may result from deconstruction efforts. I came across this really cool company, APOC, in Cleveland, OH that uses deconstructed materials and turns them into furniture.

APOC (A Piece of Cleveland) is not only trying to create a better environment, they are also looking to preserve history while telling a story. The company creates everything from tables and chairs to picture frames and candlesticks out of reclaimed materials from the Cleveland area. Each product they create is accompanied by a “Re-Birth Certificate” that describes the piece and credits its creators while relating the history of the materials that went into the piece. What’s really cool is the fact that not only is APOC making an impact on our landfills, they are also making reuse a top priority and showing that reclaimed materials have the possibility to be turned into something wonderful! For more info on APOC, click here.

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