Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jude Ndambuki Dumpster Dives for Computers, Fixes Them, and Sends them to Kenya

Posted by Jacqueline Moy, DRN Intern:

Today I came across this really fantastic article about a teacher I had in high school. His work refurbishing computers and printers bound for landfills is truly inspiring.

The CNN article states, “In lieu of compensation for the considerable time, expertise and expenses he devotes to his Help Kenya Project, Ndambuki asks that recipients plant 100 trees for every computer they receive. By connecting computer recycling, educational development and environmental conservation, he hopes to encourage a greener, more prosperous future for his country.”

Mr. Ndambuki was inspired to start this project when he discovered a discarded computer on a walk home from his night class. He brought the computer home and found that it worked perfectly. From then on he saw the potential for good in what people just throw away. In eight years, the Help Kenya Project has sent 2,000 refurbished computers to schools and planted 150,000 trees. I am floored that he was able to accomplish all of this in his spare time. Check out the CNN article and video for more.

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