Monday, August 24, 2009

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Lorenz Schilling

Lorenz assembled a team of building, recycling, sustainability, marketing, sales professionals & interns to help make deconstruction the 1st consideration in the building process, not the last. He founded Deconstruction & ReUse Network as an environmental & humanitarian nonprofit to promote sustainability through salvaging construction materials and growing a reuse network for quality building materials through partnerships with complementary organizations. He provides cost effective & environmentally friendly deconstructive solutions for homeowners, building pros & government to achieve maximum reuse & waste reduction. DRN completes the cycle of reuse by donating reusable building materials to non-profits who build affordable housing.

Why Lorenz Schilling

In order for the Lorenz to realize his vision, directing funds toward public awareness is critical. He is committed to educating property owners and building industry professionals to make deconstruction and building material reuse a priority over traditional demolition and landfill reliance. Key to realizing such a commitment from both parties is to establish Lorenz as an industry leader, DRN as a trusted source of information and a valuable resource in the green building process.

By combining homeowner education and property planning, DRN can divert as much as 85% of reusable and recyclable materials away from landfills and into the creation of sustainable homes for low-income families through complementary non-profits including Habitat for Humanity & Corazon. With the financial award granted through this opportunity, Lorenz plans to dedicate funds towards the establishment and maintenance of a multitude of informational sources, including his blog, DRN website, speaking engagements, community educational submissions & contributions to social media outlets. Through public education and creation of a network of reuse professionals, Lorenz seeks to realize his vision of the positive promotion of sustainable building while reducing the negative environmental impact of landfill waste and helping families in need.

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