Friday, July 17, 2009

Whole Foods Market Greens Distribution Center

Posted By Lyndsy Czapla (DRN Intern)

Whole Foods Market is getting a whole lot greener these days. The grocery company's recently built distribution center in Braselton, GA is setting a bar for greener practices in the business world. The 114,000 square foot building exemplifies the Whole Foods mission of embodying an environmentally friendly company. By first sight of the distribution center, it is obvious that it is not just another industrial building with its wooden facade and sprawling picture windows. Around the building and its parking lot, there are several lush fruit trees in the orchard and a garden that boasts several plants including; squash, potatoes, corn, herbs, and much more. Since most industrial buildings are pretty "blah", this Whole Foods distribution center really stands out. The 113 employees at the center have great pride in the exterior since they were the ones who planted all of it. All of the food grown at the center is either used for the employees or donated to a local food bank. As for any food that is not sold in the 18 stores that the center serves; it is sent back to the Braselton to get composted and turned into mulch for resell or other vendors. Beyond the exterior, the interior and the overall structure is very green. When the center was being built, materials such as steel, carpeting, and concrete were reused to construct it. All of the center's monumental lighting and its water heater are powered by solar energy. To read the full article, click here.

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