Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wayne County, Michigan Opts for Deconstruction of Abandoned Homes

Posted by Lyndsy Czapla (DRN Intern)

Abandoned homes are often an eye sore in communities and many times end up on the path to demolition. It is apparent, however, that times are changing and better alternatives are being put to use. Wayne County, Michigan is setting a prime example of how opting for deconstruction instead of demolition of abandoned homes positively impacts the entire community.

Wayne County, along with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse, has started a pilot program where abandoned homes are being deconstructed, "starting with the roof and ending at the foundation." The program is geared towards creating a greener economy in the state of Michigan while realizing the revitalization of local neighborhoods. One of the abandoned homes that has been recently deconstructed employed 14 people from Goodwill's Flip the Script program; a program that helps minority men from the Detroit area obtain jobs and work towards bettering their lives. The deconstruction project not only helped the actual people who participated, but also benefited the local residents as well.

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