Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ReUse with Re-Wine!

ReUse is so important to us at DRN and when we come across neat products that incorporate ReUse, we definitely like to bring attention to them.  There is a clever new product that just came out called Re-Wine, which is designed to keep waste out of our landfills and ReUses wine bottles in innovative ways.  According to Re-Wine's website, the wine cases are made of "100% Recycled Materials" that consist of rice farming by-products and post-consumer thermoplastics that are combined together to form a new material called Polliber.

Re-Wine's wine bottle cases have many uses, including a non-breakable wine carrier, an energy efficient lamp, and customizable furniture.  The energy efficient lamp is so cool because you can use it on top of a desk or you can turn it into a stand alone chandelier.  The wine carrier option would make a great gift, while the customizable furniture gives limitless possibilities and is like a building block set for adults! 

Photo Credits: MINIWIZ Sustainable Energy Development LTD

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