Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reuse Meets Design

On Wednesday, July 13 I had the opportunity to participate in a local reuse panel discussion, part of the Architect and Designer Luncheon series at LA gallery The Loft at Liz’s.  The panel included our hostess Liz Gordon, designer Lori Dennis, featured artists June Diamond and Aaron Kramer, and myself.

Lori highlighted examples of incorporating ReUse into her interior design work (e.g. furniture and architectural pieces), while Aaron and June discussed and showed their respective works made from reused materials (wood scraps, milk jugs and corks in Aaron's case, cut pieces of wine bottle and other glass in June’s).  The art was impressive, and part of the “Diverted Destruction” exhibition that runs through September 6th at The Loft.  The audience, composed primarily of interior designers, architects, and landscape architects, was notably interested in and receptive to the topic.  The conversation quickly took on a lively tone as we brainstormed approaches to further reuse and overcome obstacles that may stand in the way.  Liz provided a fine spread that included veggies from her home garden.

Beneath us was Liz’s Antique Hardware, where an extraordinary collection of vintage hardware and fixtures can be found.  Arranged according to eras/styles (e.g. art deco, mid-century, Victorian, etc.) were seemingly endless handles, locks, light fixtures, sinks, towel bars, and more.  We come across some pretty unique fixtures in our deconstruction projects that I can see fitting in perfectly here.  Liz and her crew have an obvious reverence for the historical significance of this material and are doing their part to keep some great stuff “in the loop.”

Thanks again to Liz for helping the community to recognize the importance of reuse in design through this inspiring event.

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