Monday, May 16, 2011

Could One Man’s Trash be Another Man’s House?

Posted by Lyndsy Czapla:
Of course it could!  At Deconstruction & ReUse Network, we truly enjoy seeing how reclaimed building materials and items some people may refer to as “junk” can be transformed and ReUsed.  National Geographic has an excellent documentary that illustrates the ScrapHouse project in San Francisco.  ScrapHouse was created as a challenge to construct a house using only scrap and salvaged materials.  The entire project involved really thinking outside the norm when it comes to salvaged building materials and “junk” that would otherwise end up in our landfills.  According to the documentary, 24 million new homes are built each year and 200,000 buildings are torn down.  That is pretty alarming, especially knowing that a majority of the materials left from demolition don’t get ReUsed or any second chance.  It is our hope at DRN that one day the method of careful dismantling and reclaiming of a structure's reusable, finished materials and rough lumber will not be out of the norm, rather second nature in the building and construction world.

Here's the documentary:

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