Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Manhattan Beach raises C&D diversion rates to 65%

Effective January 1, 2011, all residential demolition projects (and new builds valued at over $100k) in Manhattan Beach must divert a minimum of 65% of "waste" from landfill through reuse and/or recycling.  By making mandatory what 2010 California Green Building Standards Code ("Calgreen") considers a Tier 1 voluntary measure, Manhattan Beach reinforces its reputation as a leader in municipal environmental policy. 

DRN certainly appreciates this progressive action taken by Manhattan Beach, which will translate into literally thousands of tons of material saved from unnecessary landfill disposal.  We also took notice of their effort to differentiate between direct reuse and recycling on the updated Waste Management Plan, an important step if the environmental, economic, and social benefits of the former are to be fully recognized.

A deconstruction solution can help your project achieve (and likely surpass) the mandatory 65% diversion rate and our detailed documentation will satisfy Waste Management Plan requirements.  For more info, check out our website or just give us a call at: 888-545-8333.

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