Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Mr. President, Please don’t Demolish those Buildings!

I’m blogging because I’m upset by a NY Times article discussing the President’s job creation plan. The article to which I refer is "Tear Down That House". I am most concerned about the following:

Well, here’s a proposition: Cities and towns across the country are the default owners of hundreds of thousands of abandoned and derelict single-family houses, apartment buildings and factories. These places are a blight on our communities.

The federal government should reimburse cities and towns who hire people from the unemployment rolls to tear down these structures, clean up the properties and, if there is no immediate buyer for them, to turn them into green spaces.

I realize some of these structures need to come down. Before the government gives the green light to demolition them please STOP! This is not environmentally friendly. There is an alternative. DECONSTRUCTION not demolition.

Deconstruction will also employ more people. Deconstruction is done by hand. Crews of people facilitate the process. Demolition employs an equipment operator and project manager and a few other people. Additionally, those materials can be diverted from the landfill and can be reused.

34 billion tons of construction waste ends up in the landfill. Deconstructing a 2,500 sq ft home can divert as much as 25 tons from the landfill in addition to the normal recycling done at the jobsite. This is what we do every day. Please visit our website: and see what is possible. Use those stimulus dollars to support the green industry, to create more jobs and in some cases, support non-profit organizations.

Please Mr. President, rethink this.

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