Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miramar Resort's Historic Blue Roofing Tiles Get Second Life!

Almost 11 years ago, my sister Shelley heard the Miramar was about to close its doors and suggested we go there and be one of the last people there. We made it a small family vacation.

If you’ ve never been to the Miramar Resort, it reminded me of the Resorts you see in pictures in New York. Think “Dirty Dancing,” but with white cottages and buildings, their signature bright blue roofs and instead of mountains, ocean. It was charming. Not like the “resorts” of today, but one of the past.

We stayed in one of the main buildings nearest the ocean. Beautiful views, perfect weather, hours of Boggle and family, what a great combo. The grounds of the Miramar were spread out and were dotted with little cottages and green belts. From the outside, the Miramar was ideal. The reality was, the carpets were dirty, (you had to keep shoes or socks on) the bedding had seen better days, and the resort needed major work. We understood then why we were the last ones there.

Fast forward to today. I volunteer for a non-profit organization, Deconstruction & ReUse Network. Lorenz, the founder, asked me if I had heard of the Miramar Resort. I said yes, if it’s the Miramar with the bright blue roofs. Lorenz laughed and said, “yes, exactly”. Well, it turns out the Miramar Resort, still had not been torn down. Its been caught in the typical litigation that comes when a historical place is involved. Nothing new there. What was of interest was the thousands of the famous Miramar blue roofing tiles, still new and in their packaging, were sitting on the property. To make a long story short, Lorenz made contact with Caruso BSC Miramar, LLC, the developers who now own the Miramar and suggested they donate the roofing tiles to DRN and Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara. They generously agreed to do so. Now, three organizations, DRN, Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara and Corazon will benefit from their donation. The next time you’re in Tijuana or Tecate, keep an eye out for those bright blue roofing tiles. You’ll see Caruso’s donation at work.

If you had told me 11 years ago, I would be touched by those bright blue Miramar roofing tiles I would have told you your crazy. All I can say now, is never say never and thank you everyone at Caruso BSC Miramar, LLC, for your donation.

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